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19-17 - One out away: Yu Darvish goes 8 2/3 hitless in Rangers win

Yu Darvish was one out away from the sixth no-hitter in Texas Rangers history tonight against the Boston Red Sox. Then Big Papi happened

He'll get one before he's done
He'll get one before he's done
Ronald Martinez

Welcome to the Marwin Gonzalez shit list, Papi. Yu Darvish is a marvelous, special pitcher. Tonight, Yu Darvish was virtually untouchable. For 8 2/3 innings, the Boston Red Sox did not collect a hit. Once again, Yu Darvish allowed a hit with two outs with a no-hitter on the line.

It's easy to feel disappointed but we should remember that we get to watch Yu Darvish every five days.

Player of the Game: Elvis Andrus had a nic...who am I kidding? Yu Darvish is the reason we do this sports thing. I can't feel too upset with getting to watch greatness even if it wasn't history-making tonight.