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Tanner Scheppers to the d.l., Ben Rowen up, Jim Adduci out 3 more weeks

Tanner Scheppers is on the d.l. and is apparently out for much of the rest of the season with elbow problems, while Jim Adduci got pins put in his pinky and will be out three more weeks

Ben Rowen
Ben Rowen
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


And the beat goes on...

Tanner Scheppers has been put back on the disabled list with elbow inflammation.  And he's not coming back anytime soon:

Submariner Ben Rowen has been recalled to take Scheppers place on the 25 man roster.  He's an interesting pitcher, a guy who has had success at the lower levels, but doesn't throw hard and is kind of a "gimmick" pitcher as a true submariner.  Given the state of the Rangers, though, he'll likely get ample opportunities in a middle relief role.

Meanwhile, Jim Adduci, who was expected to be activated this week before he re-injured his pinky finger, has had pins inserted in the finger and will miss three more weeks.  Healthy Adduci likely would have been the team's regular first baseman, but now, we'll continue to have to wait for him to get healthy.

In any case, let's root for Ben Rowen until he gets hit by a meteor or comes down with Scarlet Rubella or something...