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Grantland's two Ranger articles: Joey Gallo and Ranger injuries

Grantland has written about the Rangers twice in the past two days, and both pieces are worth your time

Rick Yeatts

Grantland has a pair of Ranger-related pieces that they've run the past two days, both of which are worth checking out.

Ben Lindbergh has a piece on Joey Gallo, "The Most Interesting Man in the Minors," which is about as comprehensive a piece on Gallo as I've read.  I've been sitting here, trying to figure out how to interestingly summarize it, and there's just too much there for me to explain in a sentence or two, so just read it.

Meanwhile, Jonah Keri had an article yesterday called "The Texas Rangers' Lost Season," examining the incredible rash of injuries the Rangers have been dealing with.

Both items are well worth your team, so check them out.