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LSB Mid-Season Community Prospect Rankings start Monday

We're starting the mid-season community prospect rankings on Monday

Rick Yeatts

Okay, folks, just wanted everyone to know that we are kicking off the LSB Mid-Season Community Prospect Rankings on Monday.

The mid-season rankings usually have started after July 4, but I think it makes more sense to do them now, because we've had spring training and a couple of months of the season to use in updating our opinions, and of course, the draft just happened.  Waiting until July means we're doing the rankings in the latter part of the minor-league season, which means we don't have that much new info to work from when we do the offseason rankings.

For those who are new here, we list a bunch of prospects, and you vote for the one in the system you think is the best.  Whoever gets the highest number of votes wins is named the #X prospect in the system, and we move on to the vote for X+1 the next day.

Players who are currently in the majors and on the active roster are not considered, whether they still have rookie eligibility or not, so Nick Martinez, Ben Rowen, Luis Sardinas and Rougned Odor will not be voted on in these rankings.  If they have rookie eligibility remaining this offseason, they will be included in the offseason rankings.

And to answer the inevitable question...yes, we are starting at #1, even though we all know who the #1 prospect is.  That's just the way we do it.