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Richard Durrett has passed away

ESPN Dallas writer Richard Durrett passed away today

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas has passed away today, reportedly due to a brain aneurysm.

This is very sad news.  Richard was someone I interacted with from his days at the Dallas Morning News, and he was always gracious and friendly to me.

There's been an outpouring from Rangers fans and those in the media about Durrett. ESPN Dallas has a page up with their writers offering their thoughts on Richard.

Anthony Andro has a particularly moving piece up at the Fox Sports Southwest site on Richard, and his relationship with him.

TepidP has a post up here on LSB about his memories and relationship with Richard, and how he's going miss him.

There have been dozens of tweets and posts that I've seen from media members about Richard's passing, and to a man, they talk about what a nice guy he was.  When my time comes, I hope that my colleagues think half as well as me as Richard's colleagues thought of him.

Thoughts and prayers to Richard's family.