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Wednesday Morning Links

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, Richard Durrett passed away last night.  By all accounts, he was a wonderful person, father, and husband.  DFW sports media is poorer having lost him.

Jeff Wilson notes that Yu still hasn't figured out the A's, who hung him for 7 runs last night on the way to a 10-6 victory.

Wilson also says that Robbie Ross was sent down to AAA yesterday, which isn't much of a surprise.  What is a surprise, given his workload since joining the big team, is that his shoulder isn't throwing off a shower of sparks like an angle grinder every time he throws a pitch.

T.R. Sullivan observes that a Darvish that lacks command is a mortal Darvish.

Sullivan's notebook discusses Robbie Ross' demotion, Poreda's promotion, and Mitch Moreland going under the knife.

Sullivan memorializes Richard Durrett.

Anthony Andro writes about his relationship and memories of Richard.

Yu Darvish's losses at the hands of the hated A's rises to 8.

Gerry Fraley uncharacteristically looks at the bright side of last night's game, noting that Odor had a nice night at the plate.

Drew Pomeranz broke his hand after losing to the Rangers Monday night, proving that the Rangers' injury problems are apparently contagious.

Another Ranger falls victim to Ian Kinsler's gypsy curse, as Mitch Moreland is leaning towards season-ending surgery.

ESPN has a post up memorializing Richard Durrett.  And Durrett's final two posts are on Carlos Pena and a suggestion not to get too hasty about trading Alex Rios.

Barry Horn eulogizes Richard Durrett over at the DMN.

Finally, a Variety article takes a look at some supporting roles that vaulted actors into the spotlight.