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Thursday Morning Links

Instead of watching anymore Ranger games I will spend 2014 watching the Eric Aybar bees .gif

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Wilson has a beautiful remembrance of Richard Durrett, a punchy piece that craps on the Cowboys as well as celebrates Durrett.

Travis Brown writes a piece, also at the ST, about how Richard Durrett helped him break into sportswriting and shaped him as a mentor.

T.R. Sullivan tells us about the memorial fund the Rangers have set up for Durrett's family.

Jon Daniels went on ESPN radio and encouraged fans, colleagues, and family to keep recording their memories of Durrett, so that his kids would have those memories when they're old enough to appreciate them. has a roundup of tweets about Durrett's passing (annoying autoplay warning).

Todd Wills has a nice tribute to Durrett as well, that highlights how seriously he took his job, sentiments echoed by Todd Archer.

Ron Washington has a newsflash for you: this team's got problems, man.

Joe Saunders is riding the slow boat Rangers back to his old home in Anaheim.  But like many transportees, he's found that everyone he knew is long gone.

T.R. Sullivan pens a game summary that should be titled "Regression to the Mean Fells Flaccid Offense."

Sullivan's notebook discusses Frasor's scoreless streak coming to an end and the memorial fund for Richard Durrett.

The Ballpark has some new novelty concessions because the team is boring.  Probably.

Rougned Odor is going to get a chance to be the full time second baseman.

Yu Darvish is going to beat the A's someday, and that's the kind of analysis you go to Gerry Fraley for.

Darvish is also closing in on a dubious record long held by Charlie Hough.

Finally, there's a half-century old equation used in machine learning that appears to describe the distribution of genes in a population of organisms.