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Texas Rangers rumors: Teams inquiring on Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus, Alex Rios, Joakim Soria

Jon Heyman writes that the Rangers are already getting inquiries from teams interested in acquiring some of their veterans

Thearon W. Henderson

Texas Rangers rumors:  Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus, Alex Rios and Joakim Soria are among the Rangers players that other teams are already inquiring about, in light of the Rangers poor start, according to Jon Heyman:

Yes, they've already received trade inquiries on healthy stars Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus, Alex Rios and the rejuvenated Joakim Soria, who's back pitching lights out after his second Tommy John surgery and perhaps serving as a role model for lots of Rangers needing comebacks. While the Rangers don't appear to be seriously considering deals for any of their stars at the moment, they also understand the reality is that they may be outmanned as currently constituted, which may eventually cause them to mull the more serious offers.

The entire piece, which takes a look at the situation the Rangers find themselves in after injuries doomed their 2014 season before it ever really got started, is worth reading, though Texas getting calls on some of their better players already is what caught my eye.

Beltre and Elvis seem unlikely to be dealt -- Jon Daniels is quoted on the topic of Beltre in particular, calling him a Hall of Famer and saying they haven't considered dealing him.  No one is untouchable, but I suspect it would take a major prospect package to get the Rangers to give up Beltre, a guy who has established himself as a team leader, and whose departure would leave a major hole in the middle of the lineup.  The Rangers could conceivably move Elvis in order to open a spot for either Luis Sardinas or Jurickson Profar, but like Beltre, they seem to view Elvis as a cornerstone piece, not trade bait, and they'd likely need a significant return to part with him.

Rios and Soria both have team options for next season at reasonable rates, and Heyman suggests that the Rios option ($13.5 million, with a $1 million buyout) is almost certain to be picked up.  However, the fact that they do have reasonable options for next season makes it less likely the Rangers will move them at the deadline just to move them.  Trading Rios would be an easier decision if Michael Choice had shown more in the early part of the year, but at this point, Choice hasn't made much of a case for being penciled in as the every day right fielder in 2015.  The Rangers may wish to hold on to Rios and Soria until the offseason, if they aren't overwhelmed at the deadline, figuring that they could move either player over the winter, if they wish, while keeping open the possibility of bringing either or both back for 2015 should that appear to be the best option.

Really, the most likely trade candidates at the deadline appear to be Jason Frasor and Neal Cotts.  Relievers are always in demand in late July, and both players are on very reasonable contracts that allow them to be free agents after the season.

In any case, its an interesting read, and the trade market will be something to keep an eye on as we move into July.  And...gosh, I just realized, the trade deadline is only 42 days away.  That's not all that far off.