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Friday Morning Links

Rangers fandom descends into an endless vale of tears and nacho cheese.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Wilson tells us that the Ranger front office has stopped saying "it's just a little airbone, it's still good" and has progressed tot he point where they have acknowledged that "it's gone."

Yu Darvish, if selected for the 2014 All Star Game, stated that he will not pitch and will instead go sightseeing.  I would definitely resubscribe to cable for a Dave Atell style Insomniac starring Yu Darvish.

T.R. Sullivan recaps yesterday's game, noting that the Rangers losing streak has reached "oh, criminy, I don't care anymore."

Sullivan's notebook says that Beltre is making a strong All Star case, which is true but mostly just in comparison to every other Ranger.

Derek Holland is eager to start his rehab assignment, fat lot of good it will do us.

Yu Darvish has no desire to pitch in the All Star game, assuming the current rotation schedule holds and he pitches the Sunday before the game.

In a surprising turn of events, Alexi Ogando does not need season-ending back surgery.

Calvin Watkins notes that Carlos Pena has performed better, in these last two games, than the pile of bloody bandages and empty cortisone syringes that could hypothetically be playing first in his absence.

Holland will pitch a simulated game on Saturday and and Choo is playing through an ankle injury, because of course he is.

Watkins also talks about the Ranger brass meeting for the purpose of acknowledging the obvious: the 2014 Rangers are not going to make the playoffs without introducing at least 4 more enormous novelty concessions.