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Thoughts on an 8-3 Rangers loss

That went downhill in a hurry

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Orioles 8, Rangers 3

  • When Joe Saunders starts for you, and he goes 6 innings and allows only 2 runs, you need to take advantage of that.  The Rangers didn't today.
  • It was a minor miracle, though, that Saunders only allowed 2 runs.  He allowed 10 hits and walked a batter, while fanning only 2.  Still, at the end of the day, he did his job.
  • The bullpen, on the other hand, did not do its job.  After Jason Frasor came in and bailed Saunders out in the 7th, Alexi Ogando started the 8th with the score tied at 2.  He got J.J. Hardy to pop out, then everything went to hell.  Delmon Young singled on a ball that Elvis Andrus tried to barehand, but couldn't get a handle on.  Then Ogando hit Jonathan Schoop.  Then someone named Caleb Joseph doubled in Young.  That was the end of Ogando's night.
  • Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of the Ranger bullpen gascanning.  Neal Cotts came into the game and gave up a pair of singles, to Nick Markakis and Manny Machado, making it a 5-2 game.  Then Shawn Tolleson came in to face Nelson Cruz.  Tom Grieve spent a good deal of time talking about how well Tolleson had pitched of late, while Tolleson finished warming up.  Just as the final bits of praise were leaving TAG's lips, Cruz hit a vintage Nellie Cruz moonshot into the left field bleachers, making it an 8-2 game.  In a matter of minutes, a tie game that you felt good about as a Ranger fan turned into a blowout.
  • Ogando has been terrible this season, resulting in me arguing with people on Twitter about whether the Rangers should waive/release/dump him.  There's no reason to do that.  He's a mess right now, but from 2010-13, Ogando was a very solid pitcher for the Rangers.  This should go without saying, but you don't dump a guy like Ogando for two bad months.
  • That being said, at this point, I'd consider optioning Ogando when Tanner Scheppers is ready to be activated (which should be in the next few days).  Ogando can refuse an optional assignment, which complicates things, and thus he'd have to be on board with that, but I think its something that would have to be on the table at this point.
  • Adrian Beltre went 3 for 4 with a homer.  Robinson Chirinos went 2 for 3 with a homer.  Ron Washington had Rougned Odor bunt with a runner on second and no one out.  There's nothing else worth mentioning about the offense today.
  • The Rangers are .500 again.  I have a feeling the team is going to be spending the bulk of the season hovering around that mark.
  • I changed the channel and started watching "Alien" after the Nelson Cruz home run, so there's a possibility something noteworthy happened between then and the end of the game.
  • But I doubt it.