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Thoughts on a 7-1 Rangers loss

That was awful.

Tonight's game, summed up in one image
Tonight's game, summed up in one image
Mitchell Layton

Orioles 7, Rangers 1

  • That was a really terrible game.  Just a big bag of unpleasantness all around.
  • Joe Saunders gave up 4 home runs, and I'm kind of surprised it was only 4.  His final line was 5 IP, 9 hits, 7 runs, 2 walks, 2 Ks, and the 4 bombs.  Saunders has now allowed 20 runs in his last 3 outings, and has a 6.13 ERA and a 2.07 WHIP on the season.  Jeff Wilson suggested on Twitter that the clock is ticking on Saunders, and there's been mention of Miles Mikolas possibly getting a look the next time the Rangers need a starter.  Even in Saunders' more successful outings, he's been hit hard.  I think we're approaching the point where the Rangers write this off as a failed experiment, cut ties with Saunders, and move on.
  • Shawn Tolleson, Ben Rowen and Scott Baker each pitched a scoreless inning tonight.  So that's something.
  • As for the position players, the Rangers registered four hits, drew two walks, and made two errors.
  • It was a dreadful night.  I really have no positive takeaways from it.
  • The good thing is, there's another game tomorrow.