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Wednesday Morning Links

Kendrys Morales: on behalf of our struggling offense I apologize for laughing at your walkoff fracture.

Tom Pennington

Matt Harrison had back surgery yesterday.  Remember all those mailbag questions about Jeff Zimmerman's return?  Now they'll be about Harrison.

There have been years where Alexi Ogando has been a pretty good pitcher.  2014 is not one of those years.

It's worth noting, however, that last night's game took place in some sort of Bizarro universe where Joe Saunders was serviceable and the bullpen was terrible, so Ogando stood out less in a crowd.

Though Matt Harrison's career is not dead, T.R. Sullivan is offering it extreme unction.  That notes column also has a section entitled "First String Gets Back in Lineup" where Mitch Moreland and Michael Choice are the first stringers in question, in case you forgot that this season is being ghost-written by George .R.R. Martin.

You now how you can tell that Tim Cowlishaw doesn't know what he's talking about?  He thinks Jon Daniels can learn some things from Jerry Jones.  I swear, I think these guys covering the Cowboys have Stockholm syndrome.

Hey, the Rangers are mediocre again but at least Nelson Cruz thinks we're great fans.

Jon Daniels was on ESPN radio to talk Nelson Cruz.

Evan Grant says that Alexi Ogando is doing his darnedest to convince the Rangers to stop giving him meaningful innings.

Jurickson Profar acknowledges the obvious: yes, despite his protests over the previous months, he was actually bitten by that zombie.

Forty years ago yesterday, a merely elderly as opposed to positively ancient Randy Galloway penned a story about ten cent beer night.

Evan Grant has a story on Matt Harrison's robotic spine.

Ask not for whom the Tanner tolls, Alexi, it tolls for thee.

Since we only have one name pitcher left in the rotation, it's probably best to keep him on normal rest.

Kendrys Morales should be signing a deal soon, and David Schoenfield takes a look at some potential destinations.

Richard Durrett has a story about Cruz hitting his league leading 21st home run last night because he likes rubbing salt in our wounds.  He also says that Jurickson Profar is not participating in baseball activities, speaking of salt in our wounds.

Nelson Cruz got a warm reception in Arlington, which is nice.

Durrett had a rapid reaction to last night's game where we learn that the Rangers wasted chances, failing to convert a runner in scoring position in the fifth and sixth innings.  That hurts, because coming through in that situation would have meant an 8-5 loss instead of a 8-3 shellacking.

Nelson Cruz's home run trot was so slow because apparently his legs are unholy abominations held together by HGH and illegal stem cells.

Richard Durrett says that three years ago Alexi Ogando was one of the best relievers in the game, but that was then and this is now, and right now Ogando sucks.

Finally, hey, that's totally not creepy at all.