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Thursday Morning Links

Killing your friend to appease the Slender Man is so stupid. However, I'm contemplating killing AJM to appease whatever is causing all of these injuries.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

At least they scored some runs, I guess.

Anthony Andro has a game recap that focuses mostly on replacement level replacements on the offensive side of the game.

T.R. Sullivan also has an unusually short game recap, probably because mediocrity is so much harder to write about than abject failure.

Marty Noble has a lengthy tribute to Don Zimmer, who passed away yesterday at age 83.

Sullivan's notes column tells us that Tanner Scheppers is sitting forlornly by his phone waiting to find out when he will be put back on the active roster.

Evan Grant has a nice, lengthy story about the 2004 Ranger draft.  Want to relive the Grady Fuson / John Hart battles?  Want to remember Thomas Diamond and K.C. Herren and that kind of crap?  Well click on over.

Chris Davis was on 105.3 and has some comments about coming back to Arlington, if he needed a change of scenery and how he feels about Jon Daniels.

Evan Grant's postgame story tells us that Adrian Beltre may be the next Ranger to need spinal surgery from carrying this team.  And then losing anyway.  Grant also tells us that Tanner Scheppers is standing outside the Globe Life Park office suites with a boombox held over his head.

Ogando is going to the disabled list with elbow inflammation, which probably isn't surprising since he's made 27 appearances so far this season.

Ron Washington gave Elvis Andrus another night off because in a lost season it's important to keep your powder dry.

Ron Washington is dealing with adversity by spamming the A button and hoping for the best.

Richard Durrett had some rapid reactions to the game, some comments from Wash on giving Elvis the night off, and another name player going on the DL.

Durrett also had a notes column that is pretty depressing, as we get to look forward to reinforcements but they're Jim Adduci.

Finally, here's something that will cheer you up... scientists observed a gamma ray burst from 12 billion years ago.  Why would that cheer you up?  Because a gamma ray burst that hits us square will irradiate you and everything you've ever loved, but it didn't so you're still alive.