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Alexi Ogando has elbow ligament damage

An MRI has revealed Alexi Ogando has ligament damage in his elbow, but not significant enough to require surgery. Probably.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Ranger pitcher Alexi Ogando, who was placed on the disabled list yesterday due to elbow inflammation, has been shut down for three weeks after an MRI revealed he had ligament damage in his elbow.  The damage was apparently not significant enough that it was determined he needs surgery, and the Rangers will apparently re-evaluate him in three weeks and determine where to go from there.

It looks like Ogando wouldn't be able to return to the majors until August, at the earliest.  The elbow problem would seem to help explain why Ogando has struggled so badly this season.  Ogando has a 6.84 ERA on the year in 25 innings.  Before going on the d.l., he was among the league leaders in appearances in the 2014 season.