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Texas Rangers 2nd round pick: Ti'Quan Forbes

The Texas Rangers have used their 2nd round pick on high school shortstop Ti'Quan Forbes


The Texas Rangers 2014 2nd round draft pick was used on Mississippi prep shortstop Ti'Quan Forbes.

Forbes was ranked #46 in the final Baseball America rankings, and #41 on ESPN's final pre-draft rankings.  If you think those are fairly accurate, grabbing Forbes at #59 is good value.

I did a full pre-draft write-up of Forbes here, which includes video, and I'd encourage you to check that out.  Forbes is an athletic shortstop who is raw but projectable, someone who is viewed as having tremendous upside potential and whose bat speed gets praise, though his hitting still needs work.  The consensus seems to be that Forbes will have to move off of shortstop, though it sounds like he could end up in center field.

Some video: