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Thursday Morning Links

Texas Rangers... sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.

Cooper Neill

If the Rangers had a drinking problem, I think we could all agree that now is an appropriate time for an intervention.

T.R. Sullivan has good news!  The Rangers led for almost five innings last night.  He also has some bad news.  It was the wrong five innings.

Sullivan also has a notebook column, where he wonders if Martin will ever hit lefties and thanks unholy Baphomet that Darvish is okay after getting hit in the head.

Evan Grant decides to waggle his naughty bits invitingly over the gaping maw of fate by asking, "can it get any worse?"

Evan also had a postgame story where we learn that Jake Smolinski is angling to be the next target of the injury gods' thunderbolt.

Gerry Fraley says that Robbie Ross is continuing to struggle at AAA, and why not he's only got like 200,000 miles on his arm.

Remember how we used to wonder when Hammerin' Hank was going to come around on left handed pitching?  Now we getto do that with Leonys.

The current rehab plan for Derek Holland means an August return to the ML.

Rougned Odor is learning on the job, says ESPN's Randy Jennings, but sadly it's 2014 so all he's learning is that baseball is an endless vale of tears.

Jennings also fondly remembers pre-game home run contests.

Finally, ou want a morning time-waste?  Here's a thread of Prince Fielder "Body" photoshops.