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Thoughts on a 15-6 Rangers loss

Every time you think the season can't get any does.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 15, Rangers 6

  • Let's start with some positives.  Matt West made his major league debut, and pitched well, throwing 2 shutout innings and not allowing a hit.  He's the 4th pitcher in Ranger history to go at least 2 innings in his major league debut without allowing a hit.  The first two were Barry Manuel and Neftali Feliz.  The third one was Roman Mendez, who did it two days ago.
  • Mendez also pitched today, and pitched well, giving up 1 hit and 1 walk in 2.2 IP while striking out three.
  • The reward for West and Mendez for their fine performances today might be one or both being sent down for fresh arms tomorrow, even though the Rangers currently have a nine man bullpen.
  • Chris Gimenez became the 2nd position player and 29th pitcher to pitch for the Rangers this year, and he retired all three batters he faced.
  • Adrian Beltre and Jake Smolinski had three hits apiece, with Beltre homering and Smolinski picking up a couple of doubles.  The rest of the team combined for three hits.
  • The bad stuff...Colby Lewis had an awful, awful, awful outing.  Earlier this year, he was not commanding his pitches well, leaving them up in the zone where they could be hit and hit hard.  His previous few outings, that problem seemed to be solved, and he was looking much better.  Today, everything was batting practice.  He faced 20 batters.  13 of them got hits, and one of them walked.  It was brutal.
  • Also brutal was the defense.  The first run of the game scored when Kole Calhoun led off the game with a double, tried to stretch it for a triple, and looked like he would be out, but Adam Rosales threw the ball past Adrian Beltre and into the stands, allowing Calhoun to score.  In the second inning, Elvis Andrus missed an easy foul pop fly, possibly in the sun, possibly because he just missed it, and the next pitch resulted in a double.  Alex Rios dropped a ball, as well.
  • Around that time, I stopped watching, so I'm not sure if there were any other bad misplays.
  • Elvis later left the game as a result of being spiked, thus making it every player on the Ranger roster who has gotten hurt this year, I think.
  • Aaron Poreda continues to perform like his early season success was a mirage, allowing 2 runs on 3 hits in the 8th.
  • It was an ugly, ugly game in a season full of ugliness.  People keep saying, "They've hit rock bottom," and then it gets worse.  Nothing, at this point, is going to surprise me about how bad the 2014 season can be.