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Geovany Soto arrested for marijuana possession

Texas Rangers catcher Geovany Soto was arrested for marijuana possession Wednesday night

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Geovany Soto arrested for marijuana possession:  Texas Rangers catcher Geovany Soto, currently on the 60 day disabled list, was arrested last night for marijuana possession.  It is a misdemeanor charge for less than two ounces.

Soto is currently on a minor league rehab assignment, and played for the team's AA affiliate at Frisco last night.

This is unfortunate, but ultimately, not terribly meaningful.  The team may have to do something for p.r. purposes, but I doubt anyone is going to be terribly troubled by the notion that a major league baseball player smokes marijuana.

And yet, it is one more unpleasant incident in a season full of them.

Hopefully, in a few years, we'll see marijuana de-criminalized here, and something like this will move from being a minor story to a non-story.

UPDATE -- If you are worried that Soto might get suspended and thus send the Rangers' otherwise promising season into a tailspin, good news:

Marijuana is considered a drug of abuse under the JDA. Players are not tested for drugs of abuse, but anyone who is found to be in possession will be referred to a treatment board. The board makes an initial evaluation that determines if the player should be placed in a treatment program.

Soto would be subject to discipline from MLB commissioner Bud Selig only if he refuses to cooperate with the treatment board of does not comply with its recommendation on treatment.