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38-55 - Rangers respond to team meeting by getting shut out

The Rangers had a closed door team meeting last night where Ron Washington went off on the team. Tonight, the Rangers came out and showed what a master motivator Wash is

Wash really fired 'em up!
Wash really fired 'em up!
My heart

The Rangers allowed three runs or fewer for only the second time this month. Of course, they then scored fewer than three for the second time this month. If there is a way to lose, these Rangers will find it.

P.S. Screw Steve Busby and the Fox Sports Southwest broadcast for showing Game 6 highlights and reveling in Neftali Feliz facing David Freese. It's hard enough watching these games without that kind of poison from your home broadcast.

P.P.S. I've lost track of how many games the Rangers have lost in a row now. I think they're like 1-12 in their last 13 games. The ride never ends!

Player of the Game: