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38-57 - First half mercifully ends with Rangers swept by Angels

The Rangers officially ended the worst 25-game stretch in franchise history by getting swept at home by the Angels

At least these guys get to escape to Minnesota
At least these guys get to escape to Minnesota
Rick Yeatts

The Rangers have never been worse over 25 games than they were over this final 25 games of the first half of this season as they've gone 3-22 since June 17.

The Rangers went eight years between losing as many as eight straight games dating from August 2005 to September 2013. Since then, they've had three losing streaks of eight games including two in the last two months.

The Rangers are the only team in baseball without at least 40 wins.

Player of the Game: Papa John's John Schnatter finally sees a return on his Ranger7 half off pizza promo code as the Rangers scored 7 or more runs for only the second time in a month.