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Monday Morning Joey Gallo Update

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You're telling me Brian Dozier should be in the Home Run Derby instead of this guy?
You're telling me Brian Dozier should be in the Home Run Derby instead of this guy?
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Germany's Mario Gotze scored the World Cup winning goal yesterday and still didn't have as good a day as Joey Gallo.

After putting on a display in batting practice that is still causing folks to collect their breath -- including one shot that literally destroyed property, Gallo went out and won the MVP award in the Futures Game by hitting the go-ahead home run in monstrous fashion. You've seen it. See it again:

I think my favorite part is the dude in the gray shirt behind the plate realizing he just witnessed the future:


"Whoa," indeed.

The Associated Press piece comes via ESPN Dallas with the headline "Joey Gallo, U.S. beat World." Final score: Joey Gallo 1, Earth 0.

The DMN recaps Gallo's day from smashing Chevrolets to leaving Rod Carew speechless on his way to the Futures Game MVP.

USA Today's Paul White profiles Gallo after he wowed 'em in his Futures Game coming-out party on a national scale.

Jim Callis writes that yesterday was a "breakthrough performance" for Gallo with the eyes of the baseball prospect world watching.

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick writes that, along with Gallo, Cubs SS prospect Javier Baez was the other big star of the Futures Game which probably left Jason Parks in a prospect-related sex coma.

Because chicks dig the long ball, even The Gray Lady got in on the act with Tyler Kepner writing about Gallo and Kris Bryant providing rare power potential in this new era of pitching-dominated baseball.

Not to be outdone, Tracy Ringolsby writes that Jorge Alfaro, the other prospect that the Rangers sent to Minnesota, is paving the way for prospects from his native Columbia.

Lastly, Gerry Fraley reports A.J. Preller is a leading candidate for the San Diego Padres' GM position. It would make sense as Preller was likely heavily involved in the decision to draft Joey Gallo.

P.S. The Rangers played the final game before the All-Star Break yesterday and they lost 10-7 to the Anaheim Angels. It capped off the worst 25-game performance in team history. It is the first time that the Angels have swept a four-game series in Arlington. People probably wrote about it. But whatever...Joey Gallo!!