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Jason Frasor to Kansas City

Jason Frasor has been traded to Kansas City, probably as punishment for past sins

Rob Carr

And so the fire sale begins.

Jason Frasor has been traded to Kansas City for right hander Spencer Patton.  Patton put up nice numbers in 2013 split between A and AA, but has not been lighting the world on fire this year.

Frasor has been nothing special this year, so expecting anything besides three magic beans was probably being unrealistic.  But this is the first shot in a probable salvo of departing Rangers, some of which might be people you like.  There has been speculation that Adrian Beltre, Soria, and Elvis Andrus could all be joining Jason Frasor in the big "I hope they go 0-165" news conference in the sky.

Frasor originally joined the Rangers in 2013 as a free agent.

The Breaking News banner is a heavy responsibility to hold.  After much deliberation, and recognizing that this is the move that likely opens the floodgate of veterans leaving the team, I reluctantly have keyed the launch codes into the Breaking News banner computer, and Fitz and I have each simultaneously turned our launch keys, even though Jason Frasor is just some guy.

goET note:

In Frasor's first season in Texas last year, he did an interview saying he came to Texas because he wanted to make the playoffs for the first time in his career. That didn't turn out so great. So, unlike Ben, I'll be rooting for him and the Royals to get in on some October action.

benmor78 note:

I think we can agree that it's all Derek Holland's fault.