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Thursday Morning Links

Let the second half injuries begin!


Kate Morrison takes a look at the top hit tools in the system, both for power and average but not for their strengths against the 2014 Injury Monster.  Nick Williams has maxed out his dexterity bonuses to armor class but is weak against sleep and charm spells, and Joey Gallo has 18(00) strength but is vulnerable to fire.

Patrick Despain looks at the possibility of converting Mitch Moreland to pitching.

Soto will be coming off the DL on Friday, leaving the Rangers with a surfeit of catchers... and you know what that means this time of year on a team that sucks.

Evan Grant says that the trade of Jason Frasor is not a prelude to an immediate exodus of veteran players, unless what you mean by "immediate" is over the next two weeks in which case, yeah, it probably is.

T.R. Sullivan tells us to focus on the future instead of on the bleak, dystopian present that is a little like 1984 except that Ian Kinsler is O'Brien.  "Imagine a pair of cleats stamping on Matt Harrison's back... forever," says my nightmare O'Brien-Kinsler.

Sullivan also quotes Jon Daniels as saying that the second half will be a time to evaluate youth and to attempt, with incense and a rogue Catholic priest and copious amounts of fire, to cleanse the Rangers trainer's bench of the restless, malicious spirit of Jeff Zimmerman's injury-ended career that has plagued the team lo these many months.

And, finally, the time of our judgment by the Old Ones grows nigh.