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39-57 - Darvish takes a runny dump on Gerry Fraley's chest, Rangers win

The Rangers open the second half of the 2014 season with a win against the Toronto Blue Jays

Basedball is back
Basedball is back
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Not a bad game at all. Adrian Beltre went deep. Roogie went 3-4 with a double and the 5th triple of his rookie season. J.P. Arencibia returned to the lineup and hit a 3-run dong against his former team. Yu Darvish was excellent. The bullpen was real good. And the Rangers avoided their first nine-game losing streak since June 8, 2003 -- or, before LeBron James had ever been drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Player of the Game: Despite apparently not being an ace, Yu Darvish started the second half with a 12 K, 1 run performance against the Blue Jays just days after tossing a scoreless inning in the All-Star Game.