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Wednesday Morning Links

Even Astros fans are beginning to pity us.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

My relationship with the Texas Rangers, taken as a 30 year whole, is beginning to look like the relationship prisoners have with Ramsey Snow.

Remember when the Orioles were cute, building a roster out of Ranger castoffs?  Well, that chimpazee that bit off a guy's foot was cute at one point, too.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column covers Alex Rios' move to the 3 hole by battlefield promotion, and Adrian Beltre is the Rangers' player of the month on the strength of his remaining on the active roster.

Joe Saunders, if you can't stick on the roster of the 2014 Rangers you are, in all probability, an objectively terrible pitcher.

The Rangers are giving Chris Gimenez a shot at first base.  They might give you a shot, too, though considering the parade of calamity the 2014 first base situation has been make sure you have a good orthopedist.

We won't be spending much on international free agent signings this year.

Evan Grant observes that the Orioles beat on the Rangers like they owed them money last night.

Also, last month Evan took a look at the trade landscape as it pertains to Adrian Beltre.