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Thursday Morning Links

Soria vows loyalty to Rangers, gets traded to Detroit the very next day

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The big news yesterday was Soria being traded to Detroit for two minor league arms.  Jeff Wilson points out that they are both from Texas, so that's something I guess.

T.R. Sullivan's reporting of the trade consists largely of a quoted tweet from Jake Thompson, and even that is only three words long.

Evan Grant says the trade of Soria is a "surrender move," though I'd argue that France lost when the Nazis bypassed the Maginot Line, not when Germany dictated France's terms.

Calvin Watkins' story on the trade includes some quotes from Jon Daniels.

Sullivan's notes column tells us that Alex Rios is unbothered by trade talk and that Nick Tepesch is still on for a Friday start even though he made a relief appearance on Tuesday.

Evan Grant discusses Alex Rios unfazed stoicism in the face of trade talks amid his return to the lineup.

Apparently, the Yankees ground crew is incompetent.

Grant scouts today's starters, Colby Lewis and LSB's own Brandon McCarthy.

Evan Grant also recapped last nights game, opining that if the Rangers are going to continue to be terrible maybe we can hope for more rain-shortened games.

Calvin Watkins found some things to celebrate yesterday morning... like... J.P. Arencibia?

Watkins also reacted rapidly to the last night's game, and so did the Rangers by saying the Yankees ground crew sucks.

Finally, when your dog sees you playing with another dog, even if it's a fake dog, he sees you for the faithless hussy that you are.