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Nomar Mazara update: Mazara continues to mash

Nomar Mazara is continuing to light up the South Atlantic League

Nomar Mazara is...(puts on sunglasses)...on fire
Nomar Mazara is...(puts on sunglasses)...on fire
Paul Gilham

Nomar Mazara update:  While Joey Gallo's prodigious blasts for AA Frisco have been generating a lot of attention, his 2013 teammate, Nomar Mazara, is continuing to mash as well.

Mazara, at low-A Hickory, seemingly turned a corner in mid-May, and has been read hot over the past two months.  With a homer and a double last night, along with a homer in his previous game, Mazara is now hitting .296/.393/.565 over his past 58 games, and is at .263/.350/.464 on the season.  Mazara had a slow stretch earlier this month, going through a 1 for 21 stretch, but has roared back with a .375/.444/.714 line over his last 14 games since that 1 for 21 run.

The 19 year old right fielder is generating positive reviews from those are watching him, as well...he was signed because of the big-time power potential he possessed, but there have always been questions about whether he'd ever get that power to translate into game action.  That seems to be happening now, though, and he's turning some heads:

Its also important to remember...while Mazara is repeating low-A, he's repeating while still being really young for the level.  He still hasn't faced a pitcher younger than him this season, and he's the 9th youngest player in the Sally League right now.

With a little over a month left in the minor league season, its possible that Mazara could get a late-season promotion to Myrtle Beach, although the Pelicans outfield is fairly crowded right now as well with Lewis Brinson having already made the jump from Hickory.  Nick Williams could end up heading to Frisco before the year is up, but it seems likely to me that Mazara will be given the opportunity to finish the season strong in Hickory, then go to Myrtle Beach to kick off the 2015 campaign.