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Thoughts on a 5-1 Rangers loss

Nick Tepesch is no Jerome Williams, I guess

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A's 5, Rangers 1

  • One day after Jerome Williams shut down the A's, Nick Tepesch took a shutout into the 6th inning against Oakland.  I guess it was too much to hope that lightning would strike twice.
  • Tepesch picked up a quality start, going 6 innings and allowing just 4 baserunners while striking out 2.  Unfortunately, three of those four baserunners were allowed in the sixth inning, and the third and fourth baserunners allowed were able to trot around the bases as a result of home runs.  So it wasn't a bad outing, but wasn't as good as we were hoping it was going to be.
  • Oh, and as a topper, Tepesch come out to start the seventh inning, but got pulled before finishing up versus the one batter he got to face, as he was pulled with a left knee injury.  Hopefully, it is nothing serious.  Given how 2014 has been, he'll probably end up on the d.l. and be done for the year.
  • Nate Adcock became the 32nd pitcher to throw a pitch for the Rangers this season.  Derek Holland will likely be activated soon and become number 33, Corey Knebel will get a look at some point and become 34, Joe Ortiz is back pitching again and will probably pitch in the majors this year, which gets us to 35.  I'm guessing Luke Jackson and Phil Klein will get September callups, which would push the number of pitchers used to 37, which would match the MLB record.  We have to figure out a way to get at least one more pitcher out there to break the record.  Maybe Adam Rosales can pitch an inning, or something.
  • Adcock, who came into the game to replace Tepesch when Tepesch's knee kept him from going on any longer, gave up a homer to Josh Donaldson.  Two batters later, he gave up a homer to Josh Reddick.  That put a damper on his Ranger debut, and also put an end to hopes of a comeback.
  • Scott Baker pitched the 9th.  The Rangers starters have been, while not exactly great, at least good enough they haven't been getting run in the 3rd inning lately, so this was only Baker's 2nd outing since starting against the Angels on July 13.  Baker's other outing was in that extra inning game against the Yankees.
  • The Rangers actually had enough baserunners today that they should have gotten more than one run -- they had 7 hits and 5 walks, with Elvis Andrus and Jim Adduci each getting on base three times.  However, all the hits were singles, and there were a couple of GIDPs, and Elvis got picked off.  So we had another game where the Ranger offense didn't get the job done.