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42-64 - Rangers abandon tank long enough to ruin Yankees' night

The Rangers continue their run of winning the opener of a series and absolutely no other games ever

Holy crap Yu is tall
Holy crap Yu is tall
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, call me Tank Commander of the 2014 Texas Rangers. However, it was especially satisfying to watch the Rangers beat the Yankees with the crowd teaming with fans cheering on a contending Yankees team. It's nice to know the Rangers sent them home disappointed.

I was pretty pumped during this game. This is the most I've wanted to see the Rangers win since like mid-May. I miss that feeling.

P.S. How fun was it seeing Neftali Feliz get Jeter to end the game and get the save? The most fun.

Player of the Game: Other than Brett Gardner transforming into Babe Ruth, Yu Darvish had a Darvishian outing to quiet the fawning Jeter fans -- and Gerry Fraley.