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Wednesday Morning Links

Sop up your tears with half-priced loser pizza!

Tom Pennington

Oh, optimism, thy name is Jeff Wilson.

J.P. Arencibia has got two things going for him: new found confidence and the lead singer from The Band Perry.

Speaking of Arencibia, what was he doing starting the walk off celebration early?  Doesn't he know this is the 2014 Rangers?

T.R. Sullivan celebrates Arencibia's 7 RBI night by forgetting that RBI's are meaningless and there are no heroes in a 12-11 loss.

Sullivan's notes column discusses Leonys Martin trying to fit in with the cool kids by not hitting well and also says that Neal Cotts may be traded and he also may not.

Nick Tepesch's next turn in the rotation will be skipped because, surprise surprise, he's injured.

Ron Washington says that Leonys Martin needs to do something different at the plate, because though his body may be uninjured he is on the long, dark disabled list of the soul.

J.P. Arencibia has returned to the majors a changed man, says Evan Grant, and we can only hope that he's changed from awful to merely adequate.

Arencibia wished upon a cursed monkey's paw... he's back in the majors, but he's playing for a team that sucks.

Nick Martinez has got his eyes on the 2015 rotation.

Finally, sometimes when someone says a monkey can do your job it might actually be true.