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Texas Rangers rumors: Alex Rios, Neal Cotts stay in Texas

The non-waiver trade deadline has come and gone, and Alex Rios and Neal Cotts are still Rangers

Rob Carr

Texas Rangers rumors:  Alex Rios and Neal Cotts are still Texas Rangers.  For now.

Today's 3:00 p.m. Central trade deadline has come and gone, and the Rangers have not traded outfielder Alex Rios and lefthanded reliever Neal Cotts.  Cotts is a free agent after the season, and Rios has a team option for 2015.  Both players were reportedly being shopped by the Rangers, although it was unclear how strong the market for either player was.

The Rangers have indicated an interest in signing Cotts to an extension, and to exercise the option for 2015 on Rios and bring him back next season.  Both players will likely be placed on waivers in the next couple of days, and if they are unclaimed on waivers, the Rangers will then have until August 31 to possibly trade them.  If they are claimed, then the Rangers will have 72 hours to either trade the player claimed to the claiming team, or pull them back from waivers.