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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

Saturday morning Rangers news and links

Rich Schultz

Good morning, everyone.

Jeff Wilson's game story focuses on the return of Neftali Feliz, with Wilson writing that there are questions about Feliz's desire.

Evan Grant has his game report at the DMN Rangers blog.

The Rangers' website game story talks about how, with Yu Darvish being less than perfect yesterday, the Rangers ended up falling.

Evan Grant writes that yesterday's loss highlights the problems the Rangers are having with the bullpen.

Wilson has a story on the return of Feliz to the major leagues.  So does Evan Grant.

The S-T has a story on the new food items available at TBiA.

The Rangers' website notes talk about Daniel Robertson's mask, Neftali Feliz's return, and the Rangers taking a bus to New York.