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Is Jamie Jarmon going, going, gone?

2012 2nd round draft pick Jamie Jarmon's future appears to be up in the air

Rick Yeatts

The Texas Rangers' 2012 draft class is generating positive reviews thusfar -- Joey Gallo is already at AA, Alec Asher is performing well at AA, Lewis Brinson and Nick Williams are at high-A, 3rd rounder Pat Cantwell is getting rave reviews for his defense at Frisco, Keone Kela is at Frisco and is fast-tracking as a potential closer, and 15th rounder Jameis Winston won the Heisman Trophy last year.

It isn't all rainbows and sunshine, however.  2nd rounder Jamie Jarmon, who went 10 picks before Nick Williams, has struggled mightily as a professional.  He put up a 577 OPS in Arizona in 2012, a 421 OPS in Spokane in 2013, and has a 474 OPS in 10 games in Spokane this year.

And it sounds like Jarmon may not be long for professional baseball.  Scott Lucas pointed out this blurb out of Spokane:

Hulett said he hasn’t "found out the ultimate" about outfielder Jamie Jarmon, who may be leaving the team.

Jarmon tweeted this a couple of days ago:

Jarmon had another tweet today, which is interesting mainly because of where it came from:

If Jarmon is in Colorado, as this tweet indicates, then he's clearly not with the Indians (who are in Spokane right now), and may have in fact left the team.

The nature of the draft and developing your own players is that you have some hits, and you have some misses.  Jarmon is looking like a miss, and the information above suggests that he may not be part of the Ranger organization much longer.