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Thoughts on a 12-2 Rangers loss

Welcome to the big leagues, Phil Klein.

Adrian Beltre looks like he wants to punch Jerome Williams
Adrian Beltre looks like he wants to punch Jerome Williams
Jason Miller

Indians 12, Rangers 2

  • Jerome Williams' last start, a solid outing against the YankeesOakland, earned him a second start.  His second start did not earn him a third start.
  • If you are the type of masochist who wants to know about Jerome Williams' final line, it was 4 IP, 13 hits, 10 runs, 3 walks, and 2 Ks.  Twitter says this is the first time two Rangers pitchers have each allowed at least 10 earned runs in a game in a single season.  Good job, Jerome Williams and Colby Lewis.
  • Colby Lewis went #38 overall in the 1999 draft.  Jerome Williams went #39 overall (to the Giants) in the 1999 draft.  That's some crazy Illuminati stuff, there.
  • Nate Adcock also got into the game and allowed a run.  Raise your hand if you could pick Nate Adcock out of a crowd.
  • Phil Klein also made his major league debut.  He gave up a homer to the first batter he faced, Lonnie Chisenhall, and also hit a batter, gave up a single, and had a balk.  There have been smoother debuts, but Klein escaped his inning of work with just one run allowed, and he'll get the ball again soon enough.
  • Scott Baker pitched the final two innings, because the Rangers want Baker to set the record for the most appearances in one season by a pitcher without ever appearing in a win.  I'm not sure who has that record, though.  If someone can figure it out, let me know.
  • Once again, the Rangers had baserunners -- they had 9 hits, 3 walks, an HBP and a Cleveland error -- but once again, they didn't do much with the baserunners.  Of the 9 hits, 8 were singles, with the one XBH being a Robinson Chirinos double.  Chirinos, Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus all hit 2 hits.  I can't really think of anything noteworthy to mention about the position players, but then, I wasn't paying real close attention, and flipped over to Aliens in the middle of the game.
  • Aliens is a pretty awesome movie.  I remember, while watching it for the first time, thinking it was the scariest movie I had ever seen.  Alien is a great movie, as well, and they provide a great contrast in styles...Alien being the lonely civilians, isolated in space, being picked off one by one by a strange creature, while Aliens is the space marines coming in to do battle with an alien species they underestimated.  It might be the best one-two combo in sci-fi movie history...either that, or Terminator and Terminator 2.
  • In fact, let's just do a poll...which two movies, taken together, were better:  Alien and Aliens, or Terminator and T2?  That's a more interesting discussion point than the game, after all.