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Thursday Morning Links

Rangers get DL addition out of the way early so as not to distract from their nightly beating

Rick Yeatts

Fine, karma, I'll stop eating grapes out of the produce department without paying for them.

Yu Darvish has gone on the DL with elbow inflammation, and the Baghdad Bobs in the front office say it's nothing major so prepare for the announcement of season-ending spinal surgery in 3... 2... 1....

T.R. Sullivan's notebook includes the news that Rios and Choo may be splitting time between right field and DH on the theory that if the unholy Baphomet doesn't know where they are playing he can't give them a career-ending injury.

J.P. Arencibia is the third position player to pitch this season, and the 35th player overall.

Evan Grant says that Yu Darvish thinks adding a sixth man to the rotation would cut down on injuries, and also that we need to be carrying at least 6 catchers on the 25 man roster at any given time.

Grant also notes that the front office is hopeful Darvish will only miss two starts.

Remember Ryan Dempster?  Okay, forget about him entirely.  Here's a story where Kyle Hendricks' great rookie campaign in the majors and a Ranger he credits for turning him into a big league pitcher.  Just mentally censor the words Ryan Dempster from the article.

Nomar Mazara is announcing his presence in AA with authority.

Leonys Martin has finally figured out that the key to batting is to swing at strikes.

Calvin Watkins has a roundup of team reactions to Yu Darvish landing on the disabled list, mostly consisting of people you've barely heard of saying variations of "which one is Yu Darvish, I just got here."

Robbie Ross is being called up to take Yu Darvish's spot in the rotation.

Jurickson Profar is fielding grounders and Ron Washington says he'll begin a throwing program "eventually," which sounds pretty ominous in the context of this season.

And, finally, David Wong has a few words to say about suicide and funny people.