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Joey Gallo gets day off after 5 K game

Joey Gallo is out of the lineup today for the Frisco Roughriders on the heels of a 5 strikeout game yesterday

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Gallo, the Texas Rangers' stud third base prospect, has been mired in a deep slump of late, with Gallo seemingly hitting rock-bottom yesterday with an 0 for 5 performance that saw him fan in all 5 plate appearances.  Gallo is now hitting .042/.148/.167 with 13 Ks in 27 plate appearances in his last six games, with his AA line dropping to .243/.332/.540 on the season.

Not surprisingly, Frisco's lineup for today's game has Gallo out of the starting lineup, his second game off in the last four games the Roughriders have played.  There's no indication of an injury, and I suspect this is about giving Gallo a mental break and letting him work on things outside of the game setting.

Jay Wallis, meanwhile, has a nice little write-up on Gallo on the Riders Insider Blog that's worth you checking out.