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Yu Darvish's elbow inflammation is "mild"

After an MRI today, it was reported that Yu Darvish's elbow inflammation is mild, and should not be an issue for him long-term

Bob Levey

Texas Ranger pitcher Yu Darvish, who was placed on the disabled list yesterday with elbow inflammation, was examined by Dr. Keith Meister today and had an MRI, with the result being that the inflammation is "mild," with "no indication of a long-term problem."

Its still up in the air when Darvish will return this year, or even if he will return, as in a season that is already doomed, there's no real point in risking any sort of damage to Darvish's long-term health.  Darvish says he could pitch if the team were in a pennant race, but under the circumstances, it sounds like he may have ultimately thrown his final pitch of the 2014 season.