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47-75 - Beltre can't beat Angels by himself, Rangers drop another

The Rangers opened up a series with the Angels and collected their 3rd consecutive loss overall and 8th straight loss to Anaheim

Elvis and his millions
Elvis and his millions
Tom Pennington

This game was going about as well as you'd expect a Nick Martinez vs Garrett Richards match-up to go when Texas made a late rally. Unfortunately, the big hit eluded them and they ended up with a one-run loss.

Hey, at least Josh Hamilton looked bad!

Player of the Game: Someone press charges because wasting Adrian Beltre's year in this abortion of a season is a crime. Beltre went 4-4 and drove in two of the four runs. Bonus tip of the hat to Jon Edwards for making his big league debut and collecting his first career strikeout. What a story! What a smile!