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Joey Gallo video and Ryan Rua video -- Gallo and Rua hit home runs

Video of Joey Gallo's home run last night, and Ryan Rua's home run from a couple of nights ago

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Gallo video:  Frisco third baseman Joey Gallo has been in a slump of late, but had a nice game yesterday which included a walk and a home run:

Tepid tweeted out this video to a Ryan Rua home run which was absolutely obliterated:

Jon Daniels has already said that Gallo won't be coming up this season, but I'll be surprised if Rua -- who is Rule 5 eligible after the season, doesn't get a September call-up.  He's someone who could fit in the picture in the near future as a versatile righthanded bench bat, along the lines of Jeff Baker.