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Report: Neal Cotts Probably Won't Be Traded

But honestly, how can anyone truly know?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday reports filtered in that Neal Cotts had been claimed on revocable waivers and the deadline was either today or tomorrow for the Rangers to either trade him, let him go via waivers or pull him back.

Today, Jim Bowden tweeted that a trade to an AL Central team was forth coming and then a few minutes later tweeted that the waiver claim was meant to block a team and he wouldn't be traded.  No word on the topic from Bowden's Chris Gaines like alter ego, Ralph.

Jon Heyman tweeted a few minutes later that Neal Cotts is not being traded and that's what MLBTradeRumors is running with.

The Rangers indicated after the July 31st deadline that they were interested in re-signing Cotts in the offseason.