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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for counting the days until Gerry Fraley is canned

Feliz to Telis
Feliz to Telis
Otto Greule Jr

Good morning.

As T.R. Sullivan recaps, earlier this morning, the Rangers beat the Seattle Mariners 2-0 behind a great start by Miles Mikolas.

Evan Grant recaps the win as Mikolas, Neftali Feliz, and debuting Tomas Telis were able to outplay and outsmart the Wild Card contending Mariners.

Jeff Wilson's game story focuses on Telis calling and catching a shutout against the second best team in the American League by run differential in his Major League debut.

Anthony Andro notes that Shin-Soo Choo's disappointing season has come to an end with Choo due to have a bone spur removed from in his left elbow. No worries. Daniel Robertson has been outperforming Choo for months.

Grant writes that Choo's season coming to a premature end might be a good thing as now Choo can work on getting healthy for 2015 while the Rangers can audition more Dan Robertson types.

Sullivan's Notebook covers the arrival of Telis, Choo's early exit, a status update on Yu Darvish, and various other items (including the note that the Mariners have bumped King Felix's start on Wednesday probably because he's terrified of facing the Rangers).

Jeff Wilson's notes cover the 2014 clock ticking on Darvish, Derek Holland nearing a return, and some thoughts on September call-ups.

Lastly, Patrick Despain writes the Hall of Fame case for Adrian Beltre which should just be: "Adrian Beltre has been elected to the Hall of Fame" in about eight years from now.