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More media criticism of Yu Darvish for not being "tough"

Calvin Watkins and Rick Gosselin are taking Yu Darvish to task for not being tough and pitching through his elbow injury

Bob Levey

Yu Darvish is on the disabled list with elbow inflammation.  I think everyone who reads this blog knows this.  We also know that this is a lost season, with the Rangers way out of the playoff race.  Jon Daniels has said that the team wants to err on the side of caution with Darvish, and doesn't want to risk Darvish causing further elbow problems that could impact him in 2015.

Calvin Watkins isn't happy with that decision, and thinks Yu needs to toughen up:

Darvish could have handled things differently regarding his stint on the disabled list.

Instead of electing to go on the DL, he probably should have asked for some rest -- because the Rangers would have given it to him. General manager Jon Daniels made the correct call in sitting Darvish, but perhaps the ace should have delayed the DL process a little bit.

Darvish most likely would miss two to three starts before being asked to do anything. If he was still having issues, then he would have been placed on the DL.

Darvish going on the shelf without waiting to see how he felt after a little time off raises some questions and some perception issues.

That sentiment was apparently echoed by Rick Gosselin this morning on the Ticket:

Craig Calcaterra rips Watkins in a post over at Hardball Talk over this, pointing out that if Darvish was going to miss two or three starts anyway, there is no reason not to put him on the disabled list immediately.  Calcaterra also points out that there is a difference between the NFL -- which Watkins (and Gosselin) have historically primarily covered -- and MLB, particularly when you are dealing with the health of the arm of a legitimate ace.

That being said, I am sure there are some folks who think Yu needs to suck it up and pitch.  So there's a poll below for you to vote on...cast your vote...