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Wednesday Morning Links


A visual metaphor for the 2014 season.
A visual metaphor for the 2014 season.
Otto Greule Jr

We're reduced to this... minimally pertinent observations about Beltre-Andrus antics while the major sports networks await the Cowboys' perennial death-spiral into irrelevancy.

T.R. Sullivan's notebook includes the six players the Rangers are sending to the Arizona Fall League, Ron Washington intimating that Michael Choice was "confused" in his first dalliance with the Rangers 25 man roster, and the observation that Tomas Telis is the first catcher to catch a shutout in his debut since Jason Kendall in '96.

The Rangers were unable to extend their win streak to 3 games, which, let's be frank about it, would have been a twist of Shyamalanian proportions.  Also, Rios left the game with a thumb that "showed considerable swelling after the game,"  so our projected outfield starters are now a bundle of straw, an inanimate carbon rod, and a cardboard cutout of David Murphy.

Apparently the only person who holds Endy Chavez in greater contempt than Adam is Adrian Beltre.

The Rangers are allowing Leonys Martin to share time in the leadoff spot in terms that might be called "begrudging" if they were a little more positive.

Evan Grant writes about last night's loss, wondering how in the hell we ever won 51 games.

Gerry Fraley wants your sorrow, so he has an update on Luke Jackson.

Evan also says that Chirinos is looking to hold on to his battlefield promotion to starter going in to 2015.

Robbie Ross will probably be going back to the bullpen so that Ron Washington can once again take an angle grinder to his elbow.

Calvin Watkins says that Yu Darvish shouldn't have been in such a hurry to go to the DL given the importance of the 2014 season.  After all, he points out, Alex Rios and Shin-Soo Choo battled through injuries in 2014 and look at all they accomplished: replacement level production, a season ending surgery, and a dangerously swelling thumb.  Wait, what side of this was Watkins arguing again?

Finally, I, for one, welcome our coywolf overlords.