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52-80 - Rangers laugh at thought of Mariners contending

All I've been hearing about is Mariners this and Mariners that and here they are getting beat 12-3 at home to these Rangers? This is what a contending team looks like in 2014? Shameful.

The smelliest home run
The smelliest home run
Otto Greule Jr

Look, I know the Rangers are terrible. They're the literal worst. But at least they're not the Mariners getting beaten to bloody death at home by the terrible Rangers when they're trying to make the playoffs for the first time in a billion years. Maybe King Felix shouldn't have shied away from the Beltre challenge, after all.

Player of the Game:


Specifically, Roogie Odor is now the youngest Ranger to ever hit a grand slam, Colby Lewis is good again, and the Rangers are unbeatable when Tomas Telis plays.