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Yu Darvish shouldn't be ruined by "macho baseball culture"

Jeff Passan writes that Yu Darvish is being smart in being cautious with his sore elbow

Jason Miller

Yu Darvish is on the disabled list with elbow inflammation, much to the dismay of at least a few people who think Darvish should be sucking it up and pitching through pain.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo defends Darvish and takes his critics to task in a new column, in which he decries the culture of baseball which leads pitchers to risk more severe injuries to their arms in a misguided attempt to prove their toughness, or what have you.

The local baseball writers haven't done much to respond to those suggestions out there that Darvish needs to show he's not quitting on his teammates, not tough, etc., so it is nice to see that Passan is taking up the issue and setting out why, especially in this year for this team, it makes sense to be cautious with Darvish.