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53-81 - Rangers unwilling to give up Silver Boot just yet

Faced with the terror of relinquishing the Silver Boot and clinching a losing season, the Rangers bludgeoned the Astros

Full extension
Full extension
Bob Levey

We've got Silver Boot spirit, yes we do

We've got Silver Boot spirit, how 'bout you?

1-2-3-4 we've got more than you can score

5-6-7-8 we've got more than you can take

9-10-11-12 we've got more than you can spell

Hey Hi Howdie, Rangers get rowdy

Hey Hi Ho, Rangers lets go!!

Player of the Game: Good stuff from youngsters like Michael Choice, Roogie Odor, and Ryan Rua got his first big league hit, but for me, I was most impressed with Scott Baker getting his second consecutive win as a starter after spending the entire season being the staff janitor.

Also, Adrian Beltre is batting .327 which is 2nd in the American League and only five percentage points off Jose Altuve's lead. Adrian Beltre is a treasure.