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Thoughts on a 4-3 Rangers loss

That was sad.

Joe Robbins

Indians 4, Rangers 3

  • Yu Darvish pitched great.  Neal Cotts pitched a solid 8th.  Then, Neftali Feliz came in in the 9th inning, had nothing on his fastball, and gave up a 2 run homer to tie the game and send it into extra innings.  Phil Klein gave up a walk-off homer to lose the game.
  • I'm not sure there are any thoughts to add to this.  We know that Yu Darvish is awesome.  We know that Neftali Feliz isn't all the way back after Tommy John surgery, and might never make it all the way back.  We know that Phil Klein is an unheralded minor league reliever who has had a breakout season, and is now getting a tryout in the big leagues.  We know that the offense isn't very good -- that this team, right now, isn't good.
  • I don't have any more thoughts on this, I don't think, other than this was a lousy way to lose, and makes me sad.