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Stoltz on Michael DeLeon and Jairo Beras

Over at FanGraphs, Nathaniel Stoltz has write-ups on teenage Rangers minor leaguers Michael DeLeon and Jairo Beras

Ronald Martinez

Michael DeLeon and Jairo Beras have been two of the more intriguing prospects for the Rangers this season, as the two teenagers have been able to handle aggressive full-season assignments without drowning.

Over at FanGraphs, Nathaniel Stoltz has a write-up on DeLeon and Beras, offering his thoughts on the pair.  DeLeon, incidentally, went 2 for 3 with a walk last night for high-A Myrtle Beach, and is now sporting a spiffy .353/.421/.647 line for the Pelicans after 4 games.

In any case, Stoltz's observations are worth reading, so check it out...