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Nomar Mazara promoted to AA Frisco

Outfielder Nomar Mazara has been promoted from low-A Hickory to AA Frisco

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Its a big day for promotions in the minor league system, it seems.  Earlier today, we mentioned that Jorge Alfaro was being promoted to AA Frisco from high-A Myrtle Beach.

Alfaro, it turns out, will be joined at Frisco by 19 year old outfielder Nomar Mazara, who is being promoted from low-A Hickory to AA Frisco, a two-level jump.  Mazara will be the youngest player in all of AA once he joins the Roughriders.

Mazara's overall line for the season -- .264/.358/.470 in 461 plate appearances, with 99 Ks and 57 walks -- is good, but not the sort of dominant line that would normally warrant a two-level promotion.  However, Mazara had a very poor start to the season, and then something clicked, resulting in a two-plus month tear.  Since May 18, Mazara has hit .295/.402/.566 with a 62/43 K/BB ratio in 291 plate appearances.  There have been reports that he's done a great job making adjustments, and this recent improvement is real.  Two levels still seems like a pretty big jump, but it may be a way to reward Mazara for the progress he's made this season, while also getting him to the D/FW area where the major league staff can work with him.  Or it may be that he warranted a promotion, and there was no one in Myrtle Beach's crowded outfield the Rangers felt should go to Frisco.

In any case, you have to figure Mazara is going to struggle in his first look at AA pitching, but hopefully this next month of struggling will simply make him stronger and better, and put him in a good position to build on his success in 2015.