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Thoughts on a 5-3 Rangers loss

Oh well.

Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

ChiSox 5, Rangers 3

  • I've got nothing.
  • Poor Nick Martinez.  He should be in AA this year.  He's been in the majors because of injuries.  He's gone out there, he's competed, he's battled, and he's 1-8.  Yes, wins and losses for pitchers don't really matter, but still, it must suck to look at your line on B-R and see "1-8."
  • The Rangers registered just 4 hits and 3 walks off of Hector Noesi.  The same Hector Noesi they purchased from the M's earlier this year, then waived.  That Hector Noesi.
  • At least the game was called short because of rain.
  • And hey, Rougned Odor had a homer.  That's pretty cool.
  • The offseason can't get here soon enough.